Houses Gardens Final Reviews

Year 1, Becoming Leman, Cabotage – The Real Book

Two days before entering the final phase of the year, which would have been a full-scale collective construction on the banks of the Rhône and the Arve in Geneva, the students of ALICE and their studio directors went into confinement, putting into question what they had always taken for granted – an atelier-based way of learning – descriptive geometry by hand on a drafting table, scale models and prototypes, surrounded by peers. Switching to digital tools they missed gravity, materiality, serendipity and human contact amongst many other things.

The Real Book – a collective work of 900+ pages, constructed by over 150 students over the past two and a half month – shows their resolve, and verve to create, collaborate and be together, despite the circumstances.

The pages can be toured at the EPFL Architecture online end-of-year exhibition, Tour d’Horizon 2020.

Yael Hameiri Sainsaux, Clarisse Labro, Eva Gil, Laila Seewang, Javier Fernandez Contreras



Roman Karrer (visual concept)

Clarisse Labro (lecturer)

Etudiants du Centre d’Enseignement Professionnel de Vevey (Photographie), dirigés par Mathieu Bernard-Reymond