The Montreux Jazz Nomad is a prototype for a lightweight, easy-to-move immersive installation bringing the unique musical and cultural heritage of the Montreux Jazz Festival back to life. The project is a close collaboration between ALICE and the EPFL+ECAL Lab and will give raise to a third generation in a series of immersive installations following up the previous Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab 1 & 2.

After a first testing phase with artists and musicians, this experimental project will result in a nomadic installation, open to public as of next year.

team: Dieter Dietz, Rudi Nieveen, Thibault Smith, Quentin Andreotti,
Daniel Youssef, ALICE EPFL

interaction design: Nicolas Henchoz, Cédric Duchêne, Tommaso Colombo,
Béatrice Durandard, Allison Crank, Yves Kalberer, EPFL+ECAL Lab

coordination Montreux Jazz Digital Project: Metamedia Center EPFL

sound: Antoine Estoppey, Blend Studio



photographs by Rudi Nieveen
all images courtesy of ALICE studio EPFL