Out There was the theme of the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2008. In the framework of the exhibition Explorations in Architecture, ALICE provided a view into its approach on teaching, emphasizing the idea of synthetic design. The main focus was given to Overflow, the installation completed by the studio in the same summer, which won first prize in the London Festival of Architecture 2008. This installation was a result of a research on gravity conducted in a second-year Bachelor studio, reinterpreted as a video installation for the exhibition in Venice.

team: Dieter Dietz, Eveline Galatis, Olivier Ottevaere, Daniel Pokora, Isabella Pasqualini, Katia Ritz, Marc Schmit, Aline Dubach, ALICE EPFL

students: Adrien Alberti, Monica Rita Basbouss Moukarzel, Dorette Baumann, Matthias Bellmann, Fatma Ben Amor , Malaïca Cimenti, Esteban Coto Chavarria, Konstantinos Dell’Olivo, Nicolas de Courten, Nathalie Egli, Clio Gachoud, Ann-Madlen Gfeller, Andreas Gubler, Axel Harari, Steffan Heath, Sebastian Hefti, Lila Held, Alexander Hertel, Loïc Jacot-Guillarmod, Philipp Jakob, Aurélie Krotoff, Thaddée Lucan, Aurel Martin, Patrick Meier, Auguste Michaud, Mikael Monteserin, Minh-Luc Pham, Edouard Philippe, Augusta Prorok, Bertrand Sauterel, Christopher Tan, Sandro Tonietti, Andrés Tovar Nuez

concept video installation: Ralph Etter
animation: Lars Künstler

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photographs © ALICE Studio EPFL

all images courtesy of ALICE studio EPFL