Final Review  – Year 1
Becoming Leman, Gardens



The pole PLANES builds on the act of measuring and delineating, transforming that act into spatial and relational qualities. In careful consideration of ground and landscape, PLANES install a place where activities change in nature. Horizontal, vertical and/or oblique articulation of elements introduce a place that is delineated by geometry and related to gravity and the body, forming referential ground and border conditions. Space is an experience within the new relation of the constructed planes and the site where they are installed. Plumb and Level remain fundamental cultural and productive discoveries. The “hidden” and the “staged” appear in a degree zero of architectonic articulation.

GARDENS situates the immense fragility of life in the thinness of the biosphere. As a collective we will nurture the notion of care in our non-built and built environments. The future may be less about constructing ever more architectures than looking through the looking glass and wondering how to read and make sense of everything and everyone around us. Let us then dream how we transform and build on what we find there, an interior full of trees — Where the Wild Things Are.