ENAC Summer workshop – EPFL Fribourg

The Summer Workshop aims at pursuing the development of the demonstration pavilion in Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) in the Smart Living Lab. The basic skeleton of this pavilion in TRC has already been conceived and successfully built during the two previous summers. The session of this year focused on different elements which come to enlarge the structure: slabs and stairs. This workshop allows for a complete demonstration of the potential of TRC to be implemented as a construction material in different contexts.
During the Summer Prof. Ekerman joined our research project “The possibility of a new building paradigm thanks to Textile Reinforced Concrete”, funded by a Seed Money Grant from the “Centro Latinoamericano‐Suizo, (CLS‐HSG), Leading House for the Latin American Region” (Univ. of St‐Gallen, Switzerland).



Teaching team :

Patricia Guaita – ENAC IA ALICE

Raffael Baur – external expert ENAC

Enrique Corres Sojo –  doctoral candidat, ENAC IIC IBETON

Miguel Fernández Ruiz – ENAC IIC IBETON

David Fernandez-Ordonez – fib, host Professor, EPFL

Photo credits : © Lara Giorla, Théo Bagaini