Find out about the procedure and conditions for booking accommodation and reimbursement of meals for your business trip.

Hotel reservations should be made primarily through the EPFL travel agency (contact below), which will provide you with the best offers in EPFL partner establishments or according to your budget (CWT, Internet, Hotelier).

Only “medium” category hotels are authorized according to the reference values per country (annex 2 of the Travel Directive, page 12).

Private telephone, minibar and film rental costs are not reimbursed.

In order to facilitate the recovery of foreign VAT, we recommend that hotel bills be made out in the name of EPFL. Your name must also appear on the invoice.

IMPORTANT: a credit card is required to guarantee the reservation (laboratory card). The payment of the stay is made on the spot by the traveller at the hotel. If a pre-payment is required, please inform the agency.

A maximum of CHF 80 is reimbursed for accommodation in private homes during a business trip for the duration of the stay. The costs must be justified.

For some stays, renting an apartment is possible if the economic justification is proven.

Long duration

The EPFL Housing Department informs you about the different housing options in Lausanne (and its surroundings) as well as the accommodation options for EPFL guests.

Hotels on the EPFL campus

SwissTech Hotel

Book directly at the SwissTech Hotel at the EPFL rate: [email protected]

Starling Hotel Lausanne

Book directly at Starling Hotel Lausanne.


EPFL Travel Agency


Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 6pm

[email protected]

Phone: +41 58 322 24 30


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