Laureates 2022

From left to right: Loé Maire, Alexis Barrou, Julie Grieshaber, Jean-André Davy—Guidicelli, Sophie Desbiolles.

Life Cycle Analysis & Sustainable Technological Roadmap for Photovoltaic Panels: Case Study with the Silicon Heterojunction Technology

“Demonstrating a forward-looking vision that is both serious and pragmatic, this research provides a welcome critical look at the production strategies of photovoltaic technologies. It fills an important knowledge gap and suggests interesting ways to develop production in the European market while reducing its environmental impact.”

The role of Biochar and Peatlands in Reaching Swiss Net Zero

“This work rigorously examines the potential for carbon sequestration through peatland restoration and industrial biochar production. The data collected and mapped provide an excellent knowledge base for further research and implementation of two promising solutions to achieve carbon neutrality (net zero) in Switzerland by 2050.”

Adaptation des villes au changement climatique : un campus EPFL bleu-vert” (Adapting cities to climate change: a blue-green EPFL campus)

“This was a very rich work, both conceptually and practically, to develop a tool that will allow municipalities to assess their exposure to extreme precipitation and heat islands, and then to identify measures to mitigate these risks while promoting biodiversity.”

La mise en récit de la transition écologique et le nouveau genre de la transi-fi / (Putting the ecological transition into narrative and the new genre of transi-fi)

“Through an extensive exploration of existing works of fiction, an in-depth analysis and a solid argument, the author convinces us, in a pleasant memoir, that the emergence of a new film genre, the “transi-fi”, can be a concrete and promising lever for action in the service of sustainability.”

L’intégration d’une démarche de durabilité dans une institution culturelle: rôles, motivations et barrières. Etude du théâtre Vidy-Lausanne (The integration of a sustainability approach in a cultural institution: roles, motivations and barriers. Study of the Vidy-Lausanne theater”)

“This is a major work, dealing with the multiple dimensions of the role of a cultural institution such as the Théâtre de Vidy in the pursuit of the ecological and social transition. Profound in its critical approach and in the linking of results, this work should serve as a basis for reflection for any cultural institution dedicated to sustainability.”