New identity

Atelier Dyakova, a London-based design and communication agency, created an expressive and flexible brand identity that epitomises Archizoom’s avant-garde and critical spirit. Curious, rebellious stance inspires a fresh new look for the gallery. Sonya Dyakova and her team chose to celebrate Archizoom Associati’s experimental perspective, which challenged preconceptions, earning to explore alternatives, using a playful visual vocabulary.
These sentiments provided references and clues for the new design: Atelier Dyakova built on the unorthodox plans for Non-Stop City (1969) by Archizoom Associati created using a typewriter. Using this language reminiscent of concrete poetry, the studio developed a striking and sympathetic visual universe combining the gallery’s two central themes — theory and architecture. Words that act as immaterial particles of ideas create shapes and patterns, forming a never-static language and give an energetic voice to the identity.

Snozzi Says

Online exhibition 

Luigi Snozzi, 1932-2020

Luigi Snozzi was Professor of Architecture at the EPFL from 1987 to 1997. His teaching has left a deep imprint on a generation of architects who have built widely in the last 20 years in Romandy. In 2010, an exhibition at Archizoom was dedicated to his work, and his legacy.

The tribute we are paying to him through this website includes his aphorisms as he presented them in the exhibition, with their illustrations.

The video testimonies from the individuals who knew him, and worked with him, constitute a collective memory drawing the sensitive contours that form the man, the architect and the teacher that he was.Luigi Snozzi has left us. To remember him, we would like to look back together at his lessons in architecture.

Many thanks to Eloisa Vacchini, Anne-Catherine Javet, Valérie Ortlieb and Christian Gilot, to Teresa Cheung, Tiago Borges, Silvia Groaz and Clémence Dubuis for the idea and realisation of this website, and to Bastien Gysler for the development of the site.

Cyril Veillon
Director of Archizoom

Exhibition Postponed

The Architecture of Information 

In an age characterized by the increasing dematerialization of cultural production and transmission, Database Network Interface explores the historical role of architecture in representing and organizing knowledge and information. 

Curators: Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli, Socks Studio

Exhibition postponed to September 2021

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