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In 1974, EPFL was one of the first schools to establish a public program on architecture. In 2007, after a retrospective on the Italian group Archizoom Associati, this name has been adopted for the exhibition space. In the 1970s, the architects of Archizoom Associati regarded design as indissociable from research and political activism in the broadest sense: ” Making architecture was not just about making houses or building useful objects; it was about expressing oneself, communicating, debating, freely creating one’s own cultural space, based on the right of each individual to create his or her own environment” (Andrea Branzi).

Inspired by this alert and critical spirit, Archizoom space at the EPFL is an invitation to look at architecture by challenging preconceived assumptions, to take the measure of the built environment in all its dimensions. Our exhibitions and lectures aim to contribute to the creation and dissemination of knowledge in an avant-garde spirit. Archizoom confronts research and theory with the experience of the visitors, in order to connect practical know-how to academic thinking. A cultural discourse on architecture has to be invented together, in order to verify the basis of the concepts and systems that we are building.

Cyril Veillon, director


Cyril Veillon
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Project coordination
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