Activities & Workshops

Due to COVID-19, all on-site events are cancelled.

Thematic workshops

In addition to the online platform, you can attend workshops to directly exchange with working group members/actors on various issues and the proposed measures. These workshops are led and moderated by consultant Nicolas Tetreault of the Sofies group.

The workshops will be conducted in French, and you will also have the opportunity to participate in English.

List of online workshop

  • Mobility – Commmuting : 28.10 with Luca Fontana
  • Green Lab : 29.10 with Adrien Legrain
  • Mobility – Professional : 2.11 with Luca Fontana
  • Community : 4.11 with Aurore Nembrini
  • Catering : 9.11 with Bruno Rossignol
  • Energy : 11.11 with David Gremaud
  • Building and exterior design: 10.11 with Pierre Gerster

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The climate collage

For the duration of the “OUR CLIMATE your campus” participatory approach, climate collage workshops will be offered online, every week, on Monday and Thursday evenings.

The climate collage is a collaborative workshop to raise awareness and understanding of the phenomena related to climate change. For novices and experts alike, the climate collage will help you better understand the systemic nature of climate change. The content of the workshop is based on IPCC reports, which guarantees its scientific rigour. During this workshop, you will be divided into teams of 8, supervised by facilitators, and you will track the causes and effects of the structuring and component elements of climate change. Each collage includes a moment of reflection on the contributions that EPFL and its community can make in the face of the climate crisis.

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