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At the heart of the Microcity pole of innovation, the Canton of Neuchâtel is hosting an important part of EPFL’s Electrical and Microengineering Institute (IEM). This institute’s research activities covers topics such as health, microsystems, photovoltaic or watchmaking.
Microcity Neuchâtel EPFL


EPFL has opened its associated campus in Neuchâtel in 2009. Since then EPFL has strenghtened its presence through the development of the 12th EPFL laboratories based Neuchâtel.

Microcity building today hosts 12 Chairs, 2 centers and over 230 EPFL employees.


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Anupam Jena successfully passed his candidacy exam.

— Congratulations to Anupam Jena who successfully passed his candidacy exam in November!

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Arnau Català successfully defended his master's thesis.

— Arnau Català successfully defended his master’s thesis “Numerical modeling of gas-lubricated foil bearings: Gümbel condition validation with a bi-linear stiffness and simple coupling on the foil structure”. As an exchange student at LAMD, the defense took place at his home university (Technical University of Denmark).

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Congratulation to Andrea Cioffi for his Master thesis

— Andrea Cioffi successfully did his Master’s thesis final presentation on 18.10.2023 at LAMD. His Master’s thesis defense will be hosted at his home university Politecnico di Turino.

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Congratulation to Tomohiro Nakade

— Tomohiro Nakade successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Haptics based collaborative steering control in automated driving environments" on August 22nd 2023.

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A busy Media and events week September 4-10 !

— The week 4th to the 10th was a remarkably busy week! It ended with an interview with Prof. Ballif during RTS Forum (09.09.2023) about fire, pollution, and PV systems. Discover the life interview at Avis dexperts. On 08.09.2023, the opening of the largest ground PV plant in Switzerland was inaugurated in Varo (cressier), in presence of the Federal Councilor Albert Rösti, with a demonstration system including Swiss PV technologies. See the short interview on RTS 1930 (19h30 – Play RTS) or the article of Arc info (Le conseiller fédéral Albert Rösti inaugure la centrale solaire la plus puissante de Suisse à Cressier (arcinfo.ch).

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Two new world records on perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells

— For the first time, an efficiency of 30% for perovskite-on-silicon-tandem solar cells has been exceeded thanks to a joint effort led by scientists at EPFL’s Photovoltaics and Thin Film Electronics Laboratory in partnership with the renowned innovation center, CSEM. Independently certified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the United States, these results are a boost to high-efficiency photovoltaics (PV) and pave the way toward even more competitive solar electricity generation. 

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New world records: perovskite-on-silicon-tandem solar cells

— EPFL and CSEM smash through the 30% efficiency barrier for perovskite-on-silicon-tandem solar cells—setting two certified world records.

EPFL scientists in Neuchâtel have developed a tandem solar cell that can deliver a certified efficiency of 29.2%. © Christian Wolff / EPFL

Improving the efficiency of tandem solar cells

— EPFL scientists in Neuchâtel have developed a tandem solar cell that can deliver a certified efficiency of 29.2%. This achievement was made possible by combining a perovskite solar cell with a textured silicon solar cell.

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Mr. Enrico Casamenti received the ‘3D Printing 2022 Best Paper Award'

— Advancements in the field of femtosecond laser three-dimensional micro-manufacturing of glass

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A best practices guide to PhD programs at EPFL

— EPFL has published a guide that sets out the rules of its PhD programs, as well as the rights and responsibilities of PhD students and their thesis supervisors.

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