Retrieving sequencing data

 To retrieve sequencing results for the parental collection of the CCSB-Broad Lentiviral Expression Library (which was not sequenced in itself), follow these steps:

– Copy from the Excel database the CCSB-Broad ID of the clone (for instance ccsbBroad304_14139).

– Paste this ID in the search box available here:

– Click the clone ID link.

– Click the clone ID located below the mention “derived from”:

– The page you access now contains the sequencing data of the parental clone (hORFeome v8.1 collection). This provides an alignment of the sequencing data to the closest RefSeq. This alignment can be visualized by clicking on the indicated percentage (1). The sequenced portion in itself is indicated by capital letters (2). For easier manipulation, the start and STOP of the ORF are also indicated (3).