The chemistry of happiness

According to positive psychology, our happiness depends on us, but only in part. We would have a margin of manoeuvre on which we could act!

Certain practices and attitudes trigger hormones in our body that contribute to our feeling happy! We often do this without realizing it.

Sometimes hormonal functioning can be out of balance and willpower alone cannot regulate it. External support can help.

Here are some examples of practices to do at home, at work or outside that contribute to the secretion of happiness hormones… Take your pick!


-laughing, crying


-receiving a massage

-doing an endurance sport


-take 3 deep breaths


hormone that masks pain-distress




-seeing friends

-giving and receiving a hug  

-helping someone…


cuddle hormone

– produces a state of relaxation and inner calm




-tinkering, creating

-eating something we like  

-making love

-telling ourselves as often as possible that we have achieved something

-doing a task that we like

-marvelling at a sunset


hormone of well-being

– produces stimulation and enthousiasm






-playing sports

-spending time in the sun

-see what is going well rather than what is going badly  

-having lunch outside


happiness hormone

 – has a euphoric effect, we see life differently