Happiness when everything goes wrong?

It is one thing to seek happiness in calm weather when life is good. To do it in the middle of a storm is another. Trials happen in life: losses, bereavements, broken relationships, failed exams, professional or financial difficulties, illness. In such circumstances, can we talk about happiness? Perhaps there are times when there is no happiness?

The way is then more that of the observation of the misfortune and of what it makes us, of what it generates in us. Unhappiness takes up all the space, all the attention. For a while let sadness, anguish, guilt or anger speak to us. To enter into the depth of a reality that can hurt. Not to deny it in the name of an imperative to be happy all the time. There is a time for mourning, for vulnerability, for loss, for crying. What if, in the end, living through unhappiness allowed us to live through happiness?

The good news is that the level of satisfaction in life after a loss returns to its initial level after a certain period of time.