Business and student travel

In 2019, professional mobility was the main source of CO2 emissions at the School with about 30% of the total impact. In order to reduce air travel, the VPT has put out for public consultation two new guidelines for EPFL staff and students.

Guidelines and Travel Commission

The VPT is launching a public consultation for the two new travel directives (staff and students). They integrate new sustainability criteria.

Planning and booking

All the information you need to plan and organize your business trip.

International assistance

We are never safe from unforeseen events when we travel. To face these situations, EPFL offers you a series of information to help you in case of problems during your trip

Means of transport

National & international trains

EPFL encourages the use of public transport for business trips. Several purchase channels, as well as discounts on passes, are available for EPFL staff.


Need to book a flight? From EPFL recommendations to the booking process, including advice on how to use the CYTRIC tool, here is the information you need to travel in the best conditions.

Rental and private cars, taxi

Find out more about our offer and the conditions for using vehicles for business purposes.


Find, here, the guidelines and tips to book an accommodation during your trip.

Expense reimbursement

The Expense Management Tool enables all EPFL employees to manage the entire travel and expense management and validation process in an integrated, dematerialized and automated way.


EPFL CO2 emissions

EPFL has set itself the goal of reducing CO2 emissions generated by business travel by 30% by 2030 (ref. 2019)


EPFL’s policy on videoconferencing as an alternative to travel.

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Other University Initiatives

Learn about other universities’ flight reduction projects.


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