PubliBike (Lausanne and Fribourg)

Publibike © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13
Publibike © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13

There are thirteen PubliBike bike-sharing stations on the UNIL-EPFL campus. Students and staff members can take out an annual or semester subscription at a preferential rate. This also provides access to all other PubliBike networks.

Publibike offers self-service bikes and e-bikes. With more than 5,800 bikes and 700 stations, PubliBike is present in 8 urban areas (Lausanne-Morges, Fribourg, Nyon region, Zurich, Bern, Sottoceneri (TI)).

EPFL students and staff may take out a PubliBike subscription for a year (CHF 50.-) of six months (CHF 25.-), valid from the date of subscription. The first 60 minutes of each rental (bike or e-bike) are included in the subscription, then the rate per minute applies (bike: CHF 0.05, e-bike: CHF 0.10).

In all, 13 PubliBike stations are available on the UNIL-EPFL campus. PubliBike is also present in the Fribourg and Sion EPFL associated campuses. The CampusBike subscription is valid on all the other PubliBike networks in Switzerland. → See the map

Take out an EPFL subscription (see above) and check on the Publibike app whether any bikes are available. Open the bike lock located just behind the saddle by pressing the button. Bring your smartphone or CAMIPRO card close to the lock to open it automatically.

With an EPFL subscription, the first 60 minutes of each rental are included. After that time, the rate per minute is CHF 0.05 (bike) and CHF 0.10 (e-bike). Up to 5 bikes can be rented at the same time; each additional bike is charged at the B-Quick subscription rate.

Simply park your bike at a PubliBike station and close the lock. The rental is automatically terminated.