Exploring what matters @ EPFL

The course has been developed by Action for Happiness (AfH), a UK-based non-profit organization founded in 2011 by Prof. Richard Layard, Prof. Geoff Mulgan and Prof. Anthony Seldon. It is secular, science-based and open to people of all backgrounds.
London School of Economics Professor Lord Richard Layard said:
“A good society is one where as many people as possible are able to
live happy, fulfilling lives. We hope to see this course happening in
thousands of local communities to help like-minded people support
each other in taking practical actions which are not only good for their
own wellbeing but also contribute to the happiness of others around
them too.”

Tailored for EPFL, Exploring What Matters (EWM) course is organized in eight 2-hour sessions. A group meets for eight weeks, with each session exploring the topics of stress, conflicts, developing mental resilience, well-being and happiness. Guided by facilitators, group explores big questions:
  • what causes conflicts and stress, and what makes a happy and meaningful life
  • practical things that we can do to resolve conflicts, be happier and make others happier
  • tools we can use to deal effectively with conflict, stress and life’s ups and downs
  • what really affects our relationships and helps us resolve our differences constructively
  • how can we avoid, manage and deescalate conflicts
  • what can we do to enhance our interprersonal skills and relationships
  • how can we make our working lives, workplaces and communities happier
  • The course is delivered by Daniela Miljan and Ivan Miljan, professional executive coaches and leadership trainers well acquainted with EPFL. It is first and foremost a profilactic measure, aiming at reducing conflict incidence and stress, as well as improving mental health and wellbeing at EPFL
  • 350 CHF per person
  • 150 CHF for EPFL postdocs (subvention by EPDA)
Dates: 10.5.2021, 17.5.2021, 25.5.2021, 31.5.2021, 7.6.2021, 14.6.2021, 21.6.2021, 30.6.2021
Time: 18:00-20:00
Place: Zoom
Registration will open on the 22nd April 2021.