Happiness while waiting for the collapse? 

Our thermo-industrial societies are going to collapse in the coming years, notably because of global warming. This is what collapsology claims. Not very funny… Many people are now wondering: what would be the use of making plans if our society is really heading towards a collapse? How can we pretend to be happy with such a perspective of the future?


Here are some ideas for reflection and action:

  • Taking care of oneself and one’s relationship to the world: eco-spirituality proposes to confront one’s sorrow for the earth and for life on earth, and to reconnect to the living; a way to welcome and transform the emotions of sadness and anger linked to the alarming ecological findings.
  • Our societies are not eternal, neither are we.  Becoming aware of this puts us back into the real world. Recognizing and accepting our limits, fragility, finitude and integrating them contributes to true happiness.
  • The presence of a vital danger for our societies does not allow us to settle in a perspective of life which would be centered only on the research of our personal happiness. We are faced with the question of responsibility.
  • The model of consumerist happiness, disqualified by the ecological question, allows us to rediscover what really promotes happiness.
  • Taking action, becoming an actor at one’s own level, in the face of what worries us, makes it possible to reduce fear and find a path towards happiness.
  • The ongoing paradigm shift can lead us to the creation of new and better societies.
  • By definition, we do not know the future…Humanity has often been wrong in its predictions. The future is open!