Technology and inner life

A conference by Laurence Freeman

Technology, speed and mass communication have brought the world many benefits but at a tragic cost. We are losing the essential values of humanity such as community, wonder in nature, peace of mind and transcendence. We cannot go back and yet we have to change direction. A Chinese proverb says ‘if you keep going in the direction you are moving you will get to the place where you are heading’. How do we identify the direction we are heading and decide to go somewhere better? To make technology our servant not a master? To place relationships before possession? To see commitment as the way to expansion?

Meditation is a universal wisdom. More than a technique for stress reduction, it is a path to recover and live the inner life on which humanity depends. It does not solve all the world’s problem in a moment but it transforms how we see those problems, revives our capacity for love and enlightens our understanding.

The session will include an introduction to meditation and a practice. It will be given in English and translated in French.

Laurence Freeman is a monk who teaches meditation from the Christian mystical tradition and sees it as the way for different faiths and cultures to rediscover their common ground and sense of purpose. From the new Bonnevaux Centre for Peace in France he leads a global community and dialogue with the secular world within a daily rhythm of silence and service. He also wrote more than 15 books.

When? Thursday June 20th, 6:15 PM.

Where? Auditoire CO 2

Cost: it’s free 😉

Information: [email protected]