Videos in the news

Dynamic interception and Kick, R. Sameer 2022

Presentation Prj. Ing. Simulatanée, M. Dulon, N. Windler, M. Zemp 2021

Juggle and shoot while avoiding moving opponents, M. Dulon, N. Windler, M. Zemp 2021

Juggle and shoot while avoiding static opponents, M. Dulon, N. Windler, M. Zemp 2021

Amortissement.mp4, O. Rousseaux, 2021

Amortissement_Evitement.mp4, O. Rousseaux, 2021

Fast juggling, Isaac Dinis 2020

Long (3:20) juggling, Isaac Dinis 2020

Improved juggling, Isaac Dinis’ project, 2020

Initial Juggling, Isaac Dinis’ project, 2020

Ball Capture, Yann Morize’s project, 2019

Seidlers Selbstversuch gegen Tischkicker-Roboter, Spiegel Online 2018

Tischfussball: Roboter gegen SRF-Moderator, SRF 2016

Le maître du baby-foot rencontre la machine de l’EPFL, LeTemps 2016

Un robot pour battre les humains au babyfoot, EPFL new 2013

Documentation technique

Démontage pour déplacement du babyfoot, 2023

Cablage babyfoot, 2023


Babyfoot vision et stratégie, by Mahdi Ihdeme, Fall 2022

Babyfoot Fine control, by Sameer Roger, PdM, Spring 2022


Babyfoot Fine control: juggling and shooting, by a by Antoine Lacroix et Samuel Montorfani, Ing. Sim., Spring 2022


New software architecture, by David Kwakye, Spring 2021

Babyfoot: from juggling to shot on goal, by Maxime Dulon Nicola Windler Manuel Zemp, Spring 2021


Babyfoot: stratégie de passes, by Olivier Rousseaux, Spring 2021



Babyfoot juggling, by Isaac Dinis, Fall 2020


(Spring 2020 projects were done remotely due to covid)

Simulation: Passes entre les joueurs, by Maxence PERRET, Spring 2020


Babyfoot 2020, by Mohamed Noufel Anougmar Yanis Bouadi, Reda El Azzouzi, Bilel Khouchaf, David Kwakye, Spring 2020


Vision and strategy: Ball capture, by Yann Morize, Fall 2019

Vision improvement & control, by David Nigri, Fall 2019

Vision & calibration, Spring 2019, by Leila Afilal, Kenza Benabderrazik, David Nigri


Rods Fine Control, by Pedro Andrés Pastrana Mejia, Spring 2018


Babyfoot Vision & Strategy, by Yoann Moret

Babyfoot Vision & Control, by Barthelmy Tremeau

Babyfoot new Vision, by Emil Gelfort & Othman Bennaghmouch

Babyfoot new mechanical coupling, by Leo Zeender, Alexandre Galfre & Alexandre Haenni


Babyfoot Stratégie balle, by MORISSET Beñat, GRAF Rafael, Spring 2016 

Babyfoot mechanical & electronic update, by Léo SIBUT, Summer-Fall 2015 + Spring 2016


Babyfoot P1 – Opponents measurement  by Paul-Arthur DREYFUS, Son PHAM-BA, Spring 2015,

Babyfoot P2 – Startégie by Pierre-Benoît Blanc, Gildas Jalon, Spring 2015,

Babyfoot P3 – Commande by Emile Décosterd et Valentin Mottier, Spring 2015,

Babyfoot : Fast Positioning, by Simon Métrailler, January 2015


Ball positioning via laser by Luca Brusatin, Fall 2013

Mechanical redesign, by Florent Zufferey, Fall 2013

 Control System for Babyfoot, by Ciryl Picard, Fall 2013

Vision system for babyfoot by Martin Savary, June 2013,

Vision via camera by Guillaume Clivaz, fall 2013,


Babyfoot first iteration, by Eliott Guenat, Cyril Picard, Ricardo Serigado and Baptiste Ulrich, fall 2012