Open positions

LA is always looking for excellent candidates with an interest in control. Please note that you must first be accepted to a doctoral program at EPFL before contacting any of the LA faculty.

1 x PostDoc position  (the 2 PhD positions have been filled)

Project title:RISK: Risk Aware Data Driven Demand Response

Please see the flyer here for details


1 x Post doctoral position at Automatic Control Laboratory, EPFL
Project title: Identification of Distributed Energy Systems
Reference: Dr. Alireza Karimi
General description:
Renewable sources contribute an increasing share of the electrical power, and the concept of distributed generation (DG) is about to completely change the basic architecture of the electric power grid. The new structure includes the interconnections of microgrids that are composed of DG units, loads and energy storage systems.  At the same time, vast advances in computational power and the ability to get high-bandwidth measurements thanks to Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) open up many new possibilities to identify data-driven multivariable dynamic models for the grids. The system nonlinearity and the lack of persistently excitation signals make the system identification a challenging problem. The objective of this project is to develop new identification methods (inspired from machine learning techniques) that, using the available Big data from the normal operation of a grid, estimate linear (or linear parameter varying) models that can be used for control design.
Application procedure:  prospective candidates should send their CV with a motivation letter to [email protected]. The candidate should have a PhD degree on system identification or related topics. The position is for one year with the possibility of extension.