All Research projects

With FAR (EPFL), HOBEL (EPFL) and TRANSFORM (HEIA-FR): Energy simulation with model calibration, using actual data from sensor measurements and from a weather station at the blueFACTORY site.

  • With SXL (EPFL)
    2020 | Robotic Arm espace requirements and security measures | Pop-up workshop
  • With TEBEL (EPFL):
    2019 | Sensor support ring | research field | energy consumption derived from DHW consumption
    2019 | Indoor thermocouple sensors installation | CELLS research facility
    2019 | Implementation study for BIPV on the façade | CELLS research facility
    2019 | Support Using LESOSAI for teaching activities | Building energetics
    Ring sensors
  • With FAR (EPFL)
    2019-2020 | Building Energy Modelling and Simulation | EnergyPlus | Setle research project
  • With HOBEL (EPFL):
    2019-2020 | Support for setting-up indoor-air quality research facilities | Collaboration with DII-EPFL
  • With Human-IST (UNIFR):
    2019 | Support for setting-up daylight-based research experiments | CELLS research facility

One of the important tasks of the Smart Living Lab consists in knowledge transfer to academia, practitioners and industry.