The Human-Oriented Built Environment Lab HOBEL

The Human-Oriented Built Environment Lab (HOBEL) is the research laboratory of Dr. Dusan Licina within the smart living lab in the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) at EPFL.

The focus of HOBEL is centered on advancing the knowledge of the intersections between people and the built environment with an aim to ensure high indoor environmental quality for building occupants with minimum energy input.

The key mission of HOBEL is to improve the knowledge in the domains of indoor air quality, assessment of human exposure to airborne pollutants, dynamics and fate of pollutants in buildings, advanced energy efficient ventilation systems and controls, tools and methods for enhanced building environmental monitoring, thermal comfort of humans and their behavior.

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Meixia Zhang joins HOBEL as a visiting PhD student

— Meixia Zhang , a fourth-year doctoral student from Mechanical Engineering in Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), China, joined HOBEL in April 2022 as a visiting doctoral student after receiving the scholarship from China Scholarship Council (CSC).

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HOBEL won EPFL Science Seed Fund!

— "Exploring the unintended consequences of air cleaning chemistry" proposed by the head of HOBEL – Dusan Licina won EPFL Science Seed Fund! EPFL Science Seed Fund is a funds from EPFL Presidency to foster scientific exchange and encourage new collaborations in 2022. Only eight projects were selected in 2022.

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Ozone causes our skin to emit tiny airborne particles

— An international research team including EPFL scientists has found that whenever we encounter ozone, it reacts with lipids in our skin to create nanoparticles.

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Dr. Yang appointed as a Youth Editor of Building Simulation Journal

— Dr. Shen Yang from HOBEL is selected as a Youth Editorial Member of Building Simulation Journal. This Journal publishes original and high quality research papers and review articles regarding modeling and simulation to promote the field of building science and technology. The journal received an Impactor Factor of 3.751 in 2020.

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HOBEL members won 3 awards in Healthy Buildings 2021 !

— HOBEL lab participated with three papers on Healthy Buildings 2021, and these three papers were selected as short paper of distinction award (student), best short paper (student), and short papers of distinction award (non-student), respectively. 

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Dusan Licina gives lecture at NASEM workshop on indoor PM exposure

— Prof. Dusan Licina gave a lecture on April 2021 workshop series organized by the National Academies at the request of US Environmental Protection Agency. The workshop examined the state-of the-science on exposure to PM2.5 indoors, its health impacts, and engineering approaches and interventions to reduce exposure risks, including practical mitigation solutions in residential settings.

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