The Human-Oriented Built Environment Lab HOBEL

The Human-Oriented Built Environment Lab (HOBEL) is the research laboratory of Dr. Dusan Licina within the smart living lab in the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) at EPFL.

The focus of HOBEL is centered on advancing the knowledge of the intersections between people and the built environment with an aim to ensure high indoor environmental quality for building occupants with minimum energy input.

The key mission of HOBEL is to improve the knowledge in the domains of indoor air quality, assessment of human exposure to airborne pollutants, dynamics and fate of pollutants in buildings, advanced energy efficient ventilation systems and controls, tools and methods for enhanced building environmental monitoring, thermal comfort of humans and their behavior.

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Dusan Licina becomes a member of the editorial board of Indoor Air

— After receiving invitation from journal editor Prof. Yuguo Li, Dusan Licina became a member of the editorial board of the prestigious Indoor Air journal (Impact Factor 4.71).

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Evangelos BELIAS joins HOBEL group as new Doctoral Assistant

— Evangelos BELIAS joined HOBEL in November 2019 as Doctoral Assistant after 2 years of field experience after acquiring "Diploma" degree (Equivalent of BSc & MSc) in Civil Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2017).

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Seoyeon Yun newly appointed at HOBEL group as a PhD student in 2019

— Seoyeon Yun joined HOBEL in November 2019 as a PhD student after receiving her Master degree in Interior Architecture & Human Built Environment in Yonsei University from South Korea (2018). 

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HOBEL takes part in guest editing a journal special issue

— Professor Dusan Licina has been invited to serve as journal special issue guest editor on the topic “Green Building and Indoor Air Quality”. 

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Series of lectures on indoor air quality in South Korea (Seoul)

— Dusan Licina (HOBEL) was invited to give a visiting lecture to students of Yonsei University and Kookmin University in Seoul, both in August 2019.

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HOBEL takes part in the new Swiss-Korean Exchange Program

— Swiss-Korean Academic Exchange Program for master students of EPFL, HEIA-FR and UNIFR: Study of the synergy of architectural design, human factors, and technologies in the office buildings and their combined effect on the indoor environmental quality and human-building interaction in the context of the local culture and architecture.

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