HOBEL is involved in the teaching of courses from bachelor’s to master’s level with an emphasis on sustainable and healthy buildings. This teaching area is overwhelmed with puzzles, contradictions, and new areas of inquiry. Our goal in teaching is to foster students’ thoughtful, independent, critical and engaged way of thinking and expressing.

Indoor climate is of great significance to our well-being. This course offers a fundamental knowledge of the parameters that influence indoor climate (air quality and thermal environment). It also gives an overview of building controls methods that contribute to more comfortable and safe spaces.

The course presents the main methodological topics of energy management in the building by emphasizing on the thermal energy requirements for the comfort of users. Technical installations such as boilers, heat pumps and thermal solar systems are discussed as well. The case study includes energy analysis of the building by using LESOSAI software. Finally, economic and environmental evaluation methods for buildings are presented.

This course provides a fundamental knowledge of an emerging area – indoor air quality in buildings. This course also gives an overview of ventilation strategies and airflow distribution strategies tuned to ensure the highest level of air quality in buildings. Through theory lectures, hands-on sessions and individual/group assignments, students will learn about important concepts of indoor air pollutants, including their chemical and physical properties, emission sources and control mechanisms.

Swiss-Korean Academic Exchange Program for master students of EPFL, HEIA-FR and UNIFR: Study of the synergy of architectural design, human factors, and technologies in the office buildings and their combined effect on the indoor environmental quality and human-building interaction in the context of the local culture and architecture.

This ENAC week provides students the opportunity to conduct an analysis of the interior conditions of an analog lunar base used by Asclepios to conduct simulated space missions, and to learn more about the challenges of designing controlled interior spaces in extraterrestrial environments.