HOBEL’s facilities include a laboratory space and experimental environmental chambers, all situated in Blue Factory site of EPFL Fribourg. The facilities are suitable for studying the combined impact of occupancy, ventilation, thermal systems and controls on indoor air quality, thermal comfort and energy performance.

In general, HOBEL’s facilities and equipment are capable to simulate and measure almost any indoor environmental condition encountered in various building types. This permits the execution of pioneering research in the field of indoor air quality.

Environmental Chamber

Built in 2019, HOBEL’s environmental chamber is suitable to test the effects of specified environmental conditions with or without human subjects on indoor air quality, exposure, ventilation, room air distribution, thermal comfort, etc.

The Cells

The Controlled Environments for Living Lab Studies (CELLS) is a test facility that belongs to the Smart Living Lab which HOBEL belongs to. This is a small building comprised of two identical rooms, modelling the dimensions of a typical double office based on SIA 2024.

Laboratory Equipment

HOBEL employs state-of-the-art air quality instrumentation, as well as medium-grade portable monitors and low-cost sensors for creating distributed indoor and outdoor air quality networks. Read on to discover some of the key instrumentation used…