Controlled Environments for Living Lab Studies (CELLS)

The Controlled Environments for Living Lab Studies (CELLS) is a test facility that belongs to the Smart Living Lab which HOBEL belongs to. This is a small building comprised of two identical rooms, modelling the dimensions of a typical double office based on SIA 2024. The two rooms, which are side by side, are divided by a buffer zone that serves as anteroom and technical space during the experiment. Each room has two windows on opposite facades, oriented on the SW/NE axis. The temperature control is secured by means of the heat pump that distributes the heat through ceiling radiant panels. Also, there is a centralized ventilation system that delivers 100% outdoor air into each room.

This facility can be used for pursuing a range of research questions such as:

  • Investigation of thermal inertial properties of various wall types for the purpose of preventing overheating;
  • Passive measurement of envelope quality (insulation and airtightness);
  • Assessment of human satisfaction with to lighting and thermal conditions;
  • Automated window and blind control;
  • Performance investigation of building-integrated photovoltaic panels.