Team Com

2019 | Smart Living Lab’s End of the Year event

As part of the “Smarter Together” event at the “Tour Vagabonde” on December 10, the events of the year were presented in a photographic retrospective designed and set up by Building2050 and the Team Com.

2019 | EPFL Open Days

Building2050 collaborated with the Team Com to set up and animate the Smart Living Lab booths at EPFL’s 50th anniversary open house, held on the weekend of 14–15 September. The Building2050 booth invited the public to an immersive VR visit of the Smart Living Lab’s future building.

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2019 | EPFL Research Day

In the scope of EPFL’s celebrations of its 50th anniversary, a Research Day was held in the Fribourg campus. On the same day there was the opening of an exhibition designed by Building2050 to present the four projects resulting from the competition for the future building of the Smart Living Lab.

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2019 | Smart Living Lab research groups videos

Building2050 and Team Com collaborated with Take Off Productions to present the research groups of the Smart Living Lab in a 1-minute films web series.

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