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Smart Living Lab Annual Report 2022

— Discover the Smart Living Lab 2022 annual report! The succession of unprecedented crises that continue to beset our society calls for profound changes in how we produce and use buildings. These have an impact on the environment and the climate because they consume energy and natural resources for the sake of human comfort. They can also affect our health, and raise geopolitical challenges due to issues surrounding access to raw and construction materials. Our lifestyles have dramatically changed since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has in turn led us to use the built environment in new ways. These changes require innovative technological and social solutions that are driven by scientific progress.

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Interview with Andrew Sonta, Head of the new Ethos Lab

— Andrew Sonta joined the EPFL School for Architecture, Civil, and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) as a Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering in September 2022. He leads the new Civil Engineering and Technology for Human Oriented Sustainability Lab (ETHOS) at the Smart Living Lab in Fribourg. In the following interview, he tells us more about his academic career and research schemes.

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Smart Living Lab's Student Incubator Programme: Win up to CHF 5000.-!

— Gain valuable experience in the field of innovation, increase your creativity and create real impact in achieving your goals by working on your own project. The Student Incubator of the Smart Living Lab offers various types of support in order to help you study and work on your project at the same time. You can win up to CHF 5000.- (of which CHF 1000.- as a discretionary grant). Through this financial support, the programme aims to alleviate entrepreneurial fears and to recognize your efforts in developing the project. Additionally, a coach, acting as the first point of contact for all expert questions, will be accompanying your projects in order to ensure that you have adequate advice whenever you need it.

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