Detailed Project

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As a member of the Construction Committee (ComCo) for the design of the new building, Building2050 works to ensures that the environmental, experimental, use and architectural quality objectives, as defined in the collaborative Parallel Studies Mandate MEP’s specifications, are met. The group is also responsible for the implementation of research results in the concept of the new building, and for carrying out specific studies to support the development of the project:

  • Energy building simulations
  • Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) studies
  • Technical specifications for the construction company competition’s in collaboration with the Smart Living Lab research units:
    • Monitoring and digital infrastructure (with the ENERGY Institute | Jean-Philippe Bacher)
    • Building Information Modeling (BIM) (with the TRANSFORM and ENERGY Institute | Florinel Radu and Jean-Philippe Bacher)
    • Radon and green roofing (with the TRANSFORM Institute | Joëlle Goyette and Raphaël Compagnon)