Technology and knowledge transfer

We ensure that the results of research projects have an operational impact on the industry and the future of the construction environment. Building2050 sets up collaborations with the industry and public institutions, in projects such as:

Building2050 supports teaching and supervision activities by coaching student projects or innovative entrepreneur projects.

EPFL | Master Project 2019-2020

Title: The reuse of materials by the digital tool | Deconstruction of a new project
Student: Faivre, Antoine
Supervisor: Prof. Fivet, Corentin (SXL Laboratory | EPFL)
Pedagogical Director: Prof. Cache, Bernard (CNPA Laboratory | EPFL)
Coaching/Support: PhD. Duque, Sebastian Mahecha (Building2050 | EPFL)

HEIA-FR | Semester Project 2019-2020

Title: Energy monitoring of a building to be constructed for the Smart Living Lab
Student: Gaspari, Marco
Supervisor: Prof. Bacher, Jean-Philippe (ENERGY Institute | HEIA-FR)
Coaching/Support: PhD. Aguacil Moreno, Sergi (Building2050 | EPFL)

EPFL | Superstudio 2018-2019 (AR-597)

Professor: Tombesi, Paolo (FAR Laboratory | EPFL)
Coaching/Support: Roman, Justine and PhD. Vuarnoz, Didier (Building2050 | EPFL)

SLL – Baloise | Student Incubator – Smart Living Lab

Students: Lanctuit Emma Eugénie Antoinette (DOMAINE),  Vincent Juliette Victoire Marguerite (DOMAINE) and Zbinden Robin Adrien (DOMAINE)
Coaching/Support: PhD. Aguacil Moreno, Sergi and PhD. Duque, Sebastian Mahecha (Building2050 | EPFL)

Building2050 also provides training for the other Smart Living Lab units, such as:

  • Supporting the integration of BIM in the research projects
  • Energy Performance Simulation using Design Builder

Building2050’s duties often involve communication activities, for which the group collaborates with Team Com. Some examples here.