Borrow it from another library in Europe

Inter-library Loan

Do you need a document not available at the EPFL Library or on the NEBIS network?
The inter-library loan service (ILL) is at your disposal!

How does it work?

Send us your request by filling out the form below.

What can one order?

  • Books on loan
  • Copies of articles (digital or printed version)
  • All types of document available in libraries (reports, proceedings of conferences, theses…)

Conditions and rates

Each reader registered in the NEBIS network can make an inter-library loan request. See our schedule of fees.

Delivery times of the documents (indicative)

Documents coming from Swiss libraries: 3 to 5 days

Documents coming from European libraries (excluding Swiss): 1 to 2 weeks

Types of delivery

The books are to be picked up at the EPFL Library desk.

The articles are delivered either in digitial format (by email) or printed format (to be picked up at the Library desk, or sent by internal post to your professional EPFL address).

Duration of loan

The duration of the loan varies. In any event, you are notified of the due return date at the time of borrowing the document. Some documents are available only in consultation on-site at the EPFL Library, as requested by the owner library.