Public Transportation

Train in Switzerland is very expensive without disounts. Fortunately for PhDs, various discounts are available both for local public transportation in Lausanne (Mobilis) and throughout Switzerland (CFF).

Local public transportation

  • EPFL subsidizes monthly or yearly travel passes for public transports. On myCAMIPRO, EPFL employees can get a 15% discount coupon on transport passes. It will be valid when purchasing your pass in a point of sale (SBB, TL, …) nearby. This coupon is only valid on passes bought from the 1st of January 2017 onwards.

Switzerland by train

  • As a PhD at EPFL, you are entitled to a free “Demi-Tarif” card, which gives you very interesting discounts on public transportation throughout Switzerland. More informations on this webpage.
  • The SBB “Voie 7” program allows people under 25 with a valid “Demi-tarif” Card to travel anywhere in Switzerland between 7pm to 5am for only 129 CHF/year


You came in Switzerland with your own car? You want to rent a car for a short term excursion? This section is then for you! In these subsections, we gathered the existing information about easy car rentals and parkings.

Parking rules at EPFL can be found here.

Car sharing: “Mobility” Program

Thanks to its RFID compability, the CAMIPRO card gives you access to services that are external to the Campus, like the car sharing service Mobility, for which the EPFL got discounts for its students and staff. In order to benefit from this service, you have to register on myCAMIPRO (with login).

Register to Mobility

Offer conditions are available here (myCAMIPRO, with login).

If you have any questions, please contact : [email protected].

Car rental with Europcar

You can get special discounts with Europcar with a Camipro. See our Finances page for more details on the discount.


Whether you are an unconditional biker that would rather spend your money on a nice bike than on a year Mobility pass or you simply enjoy biking once in a while, then this section is for you.

Point Vélo

The Bike Center is a sales and repair shop for EPFL students and staff members.

Sales (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

  • Second hand bikes with light kit and lock: CHF 150.- (CHF 50.- deduction for students)
  • New bikes
  • Helmets, locks, light kits, Tracky chips, shoes, etc.
  • Free reflective vests, armbands and bells


Other services

  • Repurchasing of second hand bikes
  • Equipment and tools available

Free mechanics courses

PubliBike – Bike Sharing at EPFL

EPFL students and staff members can ask for a free pass giving them access to self-service bikes available 24/7.

Bike parking

Follow the link below to get more information about bike parking around EPFL