Funding Opportunities

Bridge “Proof of Concept”


Bridge is a joint program conducted by the SNSF and the CTI for projects at the intersection of basic research and science-based innovation. “Proof of concept” projects support young researchers who wish to develop an application or service based on their research results (innovation of all kinds from all areas of research), and gain the confidence needed to make a market entry. This program provides funds for a duration up 12 months (extendable to 18 months), for an amount up to max. 130’000 CHF

Eligibility criteria:

  • Bachelor or master obtained no more than 4 years ago, or
  • On course to complete doctoral studies within the next 6 months or less, or
  • Working as a postdoctoral researcher (PhD obtained no more than 4 years ago)

Relevant deadlines for application can be found in the links below

Venture Kick


Venture Kick helps potential entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to win up to CHF 130’000 in pre-seed capital. Moreover, startups can also use the know-how of experienced experts and entrepreneurs and be granted access to a national network of investors. Venture Kick provides a unique and leading approach with a proven track-record of creating new high-tech startups in Switzerland.

How it works:

  • Every month, eight projects are selected and given the opportunity to present their business ideas in front of a jury of successful entrepreneurs and investors
  • During the first 3 months, project teams structure their business ideas, target initial customers and strategic partners to build a solid business case.
  • Six months later project teams have to be ready for the market. They have written convincing business plans, built their teams and secured their Intellectual Property.

More informations can be found directly in the following link

enable – Technology Transfer Office


“enableis a Technology Transfer Office program aimed at facilitating the path towards commercialization  of EPFL innovative technologies and stimulation innovation through grants, guidance and multidisciplinary internships.The program is a leverage for maturing early stage technologies in need of technological and economical validation, providing up to 30 K CHF per project, over a period of 3 to 6 months.

Eligibility Criterias:

  • have submitted or are in the process of submitting an invention or software disclosure to the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of EPFL
  • wish to move their research towards a product or service that can be industrialized

You can find more details about this program in the link below