Harassment at EPFL

PolyDoc is an inclusive organization open to all EPFL PhD students to come together in an environment of mutual respect.


We have a zero-harassment policy at all of our events or activities. If you experience or witness harassment or aggressive behavior at any PolyDoc event, be it virtual or in-person, reach out to a committee member immediately so that we can help put a stop to it. If you feel that there are ways in which we can improve our events and activities to make them more inclusive, please drop us an email.


If you’re not sure what constitutes harassment, check out the Respect Unit’s information page on this subject. It is only by knowing how to identify harassment and other inappropriate behavior that we can begin to address it.


PolyDoc is signatory to Polyquity’s Declaration of Commitment to end sexism, harassment, homophobia and sexual aggressions at EPFL. We are committed to a social environment based on mutual respect for one another, with no room for hate.


Do you feel that you are the victim of harassment or discrimination at EPFL? EPFL has a procedure to follow that is specific for PhD students


If you are witness to harassment at EPFL, there is a procedure for witnesses to help


Together, we can make EPFL a safe and inclusive place for all.