Interesting Discounts for PhDs

One of the advantages of the PhD status is that you still are a student! Beyond staying at university, this also means that you can claim discounts in many different stores and restaurants.

This page aims at listing various discount opportunities. Any extra suggestions are of course welcome, by mail or through our WishBox.

  • The CAMIPRO webpage lists various discounts opportunities outside EPFL, including car rentals, sports equipment, cinemas and more.
  • EPFL subsidizes monthly or yearly travel passes for public transports. On myCAMIPRO, EPFL employees can get up to a 25% discount coupon on transport passes. It will be valid when purchasing your pass in a point of sale (SBB, TL, …) nearby.
  • The SBB seven25 Travelcard allows people under 25 to enjoy unlimited travel anywhere in Switzerland from 7pm to 5am for only 390 CHF/year

Sesame, EPFL’s financial online portal

SESAME is EPFL’s financial online portal.

You can find on this website many relevant information and possibilities, such as:

  • Your monthly and yearly payment slips, including those necessary for tax declaration (Swiss nationals) or tax refunds (B permit holders, see section “Saving Money”)
  • Reimbursement of professional expenses
  • Camipro automatic monthly recharge directly from your salary
  • Ordering of various professional material, with negotiated EPFL discounts

And many other possibilities. For more information, the link to the website is provided below: