ExoSet 2.0

A physics exercise database

ExoSet 2.0

A physics exercise database for students and teachers

ExoSet is an initiative of the Physics Section. The first version worked on Moodle. This new version based on a web application has several additional features.

There are 3 levels of users:

  1. EPFL students have access to pdfs of statements and answers (online and download),
  2. Physics professors also have access to the Latex files of the exercises, which will allow them to edit the text at their convenience; They can also use the URL link to submit exercises on the Moodle site of their courses.
  1. Visitors only have access to the list of exercises (copyright issues still need to be settled before we can make our entire database available to the public).

ExoSet is a collection of general physics exercises that are categorized by chapter and searchable with metadata about their level of difficulty and the physics and math concepts they require understanding.

There are currently more than 600 exercises in French and in English (a majority of the exercises therefore exist in both languages) which come from the weekly series of several professors in the physics section.

Eventually, we want to put all the exercises used in general physics courses under the responsibility of the Section. There are obviously some typos, thank you for pointing them out. There could also be errors, please document them and send us your comments.

The database is integrated into a GitHub repository. If teachers wish to access the database directly and/or share their own exercises, do not hesitate to contact us and send us your comments and suggestions.