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Director of the Section
Prof. Nicolas Grandjean
Student Affairs
Ms Valérie Schaerer Businger
Tel. + 41 21 69 33300
Education and Accounting
Ms Yvette Gallay
Tel. + 41 21 69 37915

Email: [email protected]

Academic Year 2021-2022

Internship coordinators

Dr. Daniele Mari

Dr. Catherine Marselli Pasquier

Teaching advisors:

Bachelor 1st year année (propédeutique): Prof. Frédéric Mila

Bachelor 2nd year année :  Prof. Jean-Paul Kneib

Bachelor 3d year: Prof. Rolf Grütter

Master 1st year: Prof. Matthieu Wyart

Master 2nd year/Master thesis: Prof. Cécile Hébert

Mobility coordinator: Prof. Laurent Villard

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