Physics Projects (TP IV)

During the first year, students spend 1 day per week in a laboratory of their choice in the Institute of Physics (IPHYS). 

To help you in your choice, you will find presentation videos here. There are still some missing, you can take a look at the lab’s website.

You must take contact with the host laboratory before each semester starts to agree on a project. Some labs can only accommodate a small number of students.

Projects generally take place on Mondays, but you can arrange a different time with the lab director.

It is not compulsory to do the Physics Projects consecutively. Depending on your study plan, you can do the first in MA1 and the 2nd in MA3, i.e. 2 times in the autumn semester, for example.


It is compulsory to submit a written report (mini thesis) with introduction, development, conclusion and bibliography/references to your supervisor.
An oral defence is not compulsory, to be discussed with your supervisor.
Dates for submitting the report to your supervisor:

Friday 5th January 2024 for the autumn semester

Friday 7th June 2024 for the spring semester