About IIE Institute

The Institute of Environmental Engineering’s research units are developing a world class interdisciplinary educational and research center in environmental engineering. Our mission is the creation of new knowledge and the development of new technologies to address issues of environmental sustainability today and for the future.

Our main fields of expertise in research and teaching concern the interactions between human activities and the different environmental spheres such as water, air, climate, ecosystems, etc. The knowledge of various natural processes and their modeling are directly used in the development of environmental technologies and engineering, but also in the management of natural resources and prevention of risks.

We are strongly committed to publishing in highly ranked scientific journals. Knowledge and expertise obtained by the basic and applied research activities are transferred to both the economic and the public sectors within the framework of specific research mandates and expertise requested by private engineering offices and/or public administration services in Switzerland and abroad.

Our Institute also has an active policy of scientific co-operation with Universities and Research Centres from Developing and Emerging Countries (DECs) focusing on sanitary engineering, environmental protection, and soil and water resources and management.

Main fields of experience: