About ENAC faculty

The disciplines united in the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC School ) seek solutions to the most pressing problem of our time : guaranteeing a sustainable environment for humanity through a successful integration of human activities within the biosphere.

In this context, we are deeply committed to producing solutions to meet a wide range of challenges, such as global warming, population growth, the formation of megacities, land use pressures, increased demand for energy and transportation, the need for improvement and maintenance of the built environment, ecosystems preservation, and the management of natural and man-made risk. These multi-faceted fields require long-term multidisciplinary research at an international level and conducted in terms of a creative interaction between art, science and engineering.

Our range of courses includes studies for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in architecture, civil engineering and environmental engineering, postgraduate course cycles, and doctoral programmes. The originality of our teaching lies in the establishment of links between the disciplines in order to provide students with the tools required to design and build together.