Conference Papers


CrossLoc: Scalable Aerial Localization Assisted by Multimodal Synthetic Data

Q. Yan; J. Zheng; S. Reding; S. Li; I. Doytchinov 

2022-01-01. IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), New Orleans, LA, Jun 18-24, 2022. p. 17337-17347. DOI : 10.1109/CVPR52688.2022.01684.


Aerodynamic characterization of a delta-wing UAV based on real flight data

P. Longobardi; G. F. Laupré; J. Skaloud 

2021. 8th International Workshop on Metrology for AeroSpace (MetroAeroSpace), Naples, Italy, June 23-25, 2021. p. 69-74. DOI : 10.1109/MetroAeroSpace51421.2021.9511742.

Calibration of Fixed-Wing UAV Aerodynamic Coefficients with Photogrammetry for VDM-based Navigation

G. F. Laupré; J. Skaloud 

2021-02-07. International Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation 2021, January 25-28, 2021. p. 775-786. DOI : 10.33012/2021.17867.


Fusion of Photo with Airborne Laser Scanning

E. Clédat; J. Skaloud 

2020. XXIV ISPRS Congress (2020 edition), [Virtual event], August 31 – September 2, 2020. p. 173-180. DOI : 10.5194/isprs-annals-V-1-2020-173-2020.

Airborne and mobile LiDAR, which sensors for which application?

J. Vallet; A. Gressing; P. Clausen; J. Skaloud 

2020-08-11. XXIVth ISPRS Congress, Online, August 6, 2020. p. 397–405. DOI : 10.5194/isprs-archives-XLIII-B1-2020-397-2020.

On the calibration aspects of MEMS-IMUs used in micro UAVs for sensor orientation

P. Clausen; J. Skaloud 

2020-06-09. IEEE-ION Position Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS), Portland, Oregon, April 20-23, 2020. DOI : 10.1109/PLANS46316.2020.9110160.

Camera Calibration Models and Methods for Corridor Mapping with UAVs

E. Clédat; D. A. Cucci; J. Skaloud 

2020.  International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Virtual, Septembre 1-2, 2020. p. 231-238. DOI : 10.5194/isprs-annals-V-1-2020-231-2020.


Optimal Stochastic Sensor Error Modeling based on Actual Impact on Quality of GNSS-INS Integrated Navigation

M. Khaghani; S. Guerrier; J. Skaloud; Y. Zhang 

2019-09-20. ION GNSS+, Miami, Florida, US, September 16-20, 2019. p. 2566-2574. DOI : 10.33012/2019.17057.


Construction of Dynamically-Dependent Stochastic Error Models

P. Clausen; J. Skaloud; S. Orso; S. Guerrier 

2018-01-01. IEEE/ION Position, Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS), Monterey, CA, Apr 23-26, 2018. p. 1336-1341. DOI : 10.1109/PLANS.2018.8373524.

Tightly Coupled GNSS/INS Integration based on Robust M-Estimators

O. Crespillo; D. Medina; J. Skaloud; M. Meurer 

2018.  p. 1554-1561. DOI : 10.1109/PLANS.2018.8373551.

VDM-based UAV Attitude Determination in Absence of IMU Data

M. Khaghani; J. Skaloud 

2018-08-13. 2018 European Navigation Conference (ENC), Gothenburg, Sweden, May 14-17, 2018. p. 84-90. DOI : 10.1109/EURONAV.2018.8433243.

Training in Mapping Changes on an Archaeological Site

P-Y. Gilliéron; B. Merminod; J. Zufferey 

2018-05-07. FIG Congress 2018, Istanbul, Turkey, May 6-11, 2018.


Mapping GNSS Restricted Environment with a Drone Tandem and Indirect Position Control

E. Cledat; D. A. Cucci 

2017. International Conference on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Geomatics, Bonn, Germany, September 4–7, 2017. p. 1-7. DOI : 10.5194/isprs-annals-IV-2-W3-1-2017.

An overview of a new sensor calibration platform

P. Clausen; J. Skaloud; R. Molinari; J. Balamuta; S. Guerrier 

2017-08-01. 4th IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for AeroSpace (MetroAeroSpace 2017), Padua, Italy, June 21-23, 2017. p. 364-368. DOI : 10.1109/MetroAeroSpace.2017.7999598.

Robust Tightly Coupled GNSS/INS Estimation for Navigation in Challenging Scenarios

O. Garcia Crespillo; D. Medina; A. Grosch; J. Skaloud; M. Meurer 

2017. European Navigation Conference (ENC 2017), Lausanne, Switzerland, May 9-12.

Innovation vs Residual KF Based GNSS/INS Autonomous Integrity Monitoring in Single Fault Scenario

O. Garcia Crespillo; A. Grosch; J. Skaloud; M. Meurer 

2017. ION GNSS+ 2017, Portland, Oregon, USA, September 26-29, 2017. p. 2126-2136.

Positioning Autonomy of a Fixed-Wing UAV through VDM/INS Integration with Experimental Results

M. Khaghani; J. Skaloud 

2017.  p. 2332-2337.


Application Of Vehicle Dynamic Modeling In Uavs For Precise Determination Of Exterior Orientation

M. Khaghani; J. Skaloud 

2016.  p. 827-831. DOI : 10.5194/isprsarchives-XLI-B3-827-2016.

Applicability Of New Approaches Of Sensor Orientation To Micro Aerial Vehicles

M. Rehak; J. Skaloud 

2016. 23rd ISPRS Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, July 12-19, 2016. p. 441-447. DOI : 10.5194/isprsannals-III-3-441-2016.

Accurate Optical Target Pose Determination For Applications In Aerial Photogrammetry

D. A. Cucci 

2016. 23rd ISPRS Congress, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC, JUL 12-19, 2016. p. 257-262. DOI : 10.5194/isprsannals-III-3-257-2016.

Airborne hyperspectral sensor radiometric self-calibration using near-infrared properties of deep water and vegetation

K. Barbieux; V. Nouchi; B. Merminod 

2016. Conference on Remote Sensing of the Ocean, Sea Ice, Coastal Waters, and Large Water Regions, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND, SEP 26-27, 2016. p. 99990M. DOI : 10.1117/12.2241251.

Autonomous Navigation Of Small Uavs Based On Vehicle Dynamic Model

M. Khaghani; J. Skaloud 

2016.  p. 117-122. DOI : 10.5194/isprsarchives-XL-3-W4-117-2016.

The SaPPART COST Action: Towards positioning integrity for road transport

P-Y. Gillieron; L. Ruotsalainen; F. Peyret; S. Feng; J. Engdahl 

2016. 2016 European Navigation Conference (ENC), Helsinki, Finland, 30 May – 2 June 2016. p. 1-6. DOI : 10.1109/EURONAV.2016.7530570.

Evaluation of Wind Effects on UAV Autonomous Navigation Based on Vehicle Dynamic Model

M. Khaghani; J. Skaloud 

2016.  p. 1432-1440.

An analysis of a gyro-free inertial system for INS/GNSS navigation

D. A. Cucci; O. G. Crespillo; M. Khaghani 

2016.  p. 1-7. DOI : 10.1109/EURONAV.2016.7530560.

UAV Sensor Orientation with Pre-calibrated Redundant IMU/GNSS Observations: Preliminary Results

P. Clausen; M. Rehak; J. Skaloud 

2016. 36te Dreiländertagung Photogrammetrie and Fernerkundung der SGPF, DGPF und OVG, Bern, Switzerland, June 7-9, 2016. p. 26-33.


Detection of crop properties by means of hyperspectral remote sensing from a micro UAV

D. Constantin; M. Rehak; Y. Akhtman; F. Liebisch 

2015. 20. und 21. Workshop Computer-Bildanalyse in der Landwirtschaft – 3. Workshop Unbemannte autonom fliegende Systeme (UAS) in der Landwirtschaft, Braunschweig, Germany, May 7, 2015. p. 129-137.

An inertial sensor calibration platform to estimate and select error models

R. Molinari; J. Balamuta; S. Guerrier; J. Skaloud 

2015. IAIN World Congress 2015, Prague, Czech Republic, October 20-23, 2015. p. 1-4. DOI : 10.1109/IAIN.2015.7352255.

Positioning Accuracy of Vehicle Trajectories for Road Applications

P. Clausen; P-Y. Gilliéron; H. Perakis; V. Gikas; I. Spyropoulou 

2015. ITS World Congress 2015, Bordeaux, France, October, 5-9, 2015.

Automatic and computationally efficient method for model selection in inertial sensor calibration

R. Molinari; J. Balamuta; S. Guerrier; J. Skaloud 

2015. ION GNSS+, September 14-18.

A computationally efficient platform for inertial sensor calibration

S. Guerrier; J. Balamuta; R. Molinari; J. Skaloud 

2015. ION GNSS+, Tampa, Florida, USA, September 14-18.

Photogrammetric Mission Planner for RPAS

F. Gandor; M. Rehak; J. Skaloud 

2015. UAV-g, Toronto, Canada, August 30-September 2, 2015. p. 61-65. DOI : 10.5194/isprsarchives-XL-1-W4-61-2015.

Fixed-wing Micro Aerial Vehicle for Accurate Corridor Mapping

M. Rehak; J. Skaloud 

2015. UAV-g, Toronto, Canada, August 30-September 2, 2015. p. 23-31. DOI : 10.5194/isprsannals-II-1-W1-23-2015.

Teaching Unit in Geotechnologies for Mapping Changes of the Built and Natural Environment

P-Y. Gilliéron; J. Zufferey; G. Vincent; O. Feihl 

2015. ICC2015 – 27th International Cartographic Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 23-28, 2015.

Blending a MOOCs with interactive teaching

P-Y. Gilliéron; G. Vincent; B. Merminod 

2015. FIG Working Week 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria, May 17-21, 2015.

Hyperspectral remote sensing of crop properties with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

D. Constantin; M. Rehak; Y. Akhtman; F. Liebisch 

2015. 9th EARSeL SIG Imaging Spectroscopy workshop, LIST, Luxembourg, April 14-16, 2015.

A new smoothness based strategy for semi-supervised atmospheric correction: application to the Léman-Baïkal campaign

M. S. P. Cubero-Castan; D. Constantin; K. S. Barbieux; V. M. Nouchi; Y. Akhtman et al. 

2015. 7th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing: Evolution in Remote Sensing, Tokyo, Japan, June 2-5, 2015.

Position Accuracy with Redundant MEMS IMU for Road Applications

P. Clausen; J. Skaloud; P-Y. Gilliéron; B. Merminod; H. Perakis et al. 

2015. European Navigation Conference GNSS, Bordeaux, France, April 7-10, 2015.


Morphological analysis of the upper reaches of the Kukuy Canyon derived from shallow bathymetry

N. Le Dantec; N. Babonneau; M. Franzetti; C. Delacourt; Y. Akhtman et al. 

2014. Bringing Together Selenga Baikal Research, Leipzig, Germany, October 1-3, 2014.

High-Precision Geomonitoring using Micro Aerial Vehicles

M. Rehak; J. Skaloud; Y. Akhtman 

2014. Deltas: Genesis, Dynamics, Modelling and Sustainable Development, Istomino, Republic of Buryatia. Russian Federation, July 21-25, 2014.

Leman-Baikal: Remote sensing of lakes using an ultralight plane

Y. Akhtman; D. Constantin; M. Rehak; V. M. Nouchi; D. Bouffard et al. 

2014. 6th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 24-27, 2014.

Mapping with MAV: Experimental Study on the Contribution of Absolute and Relative Aerial Position Control

J. Skaloud; M. Rehak; D. Lichti 

2014. European Calibration and Orientation Workshop, Castelldefels, Spain, February 12-14, 2014. p. 123-129.


Autarktic and inertial measurement based low-cost reconstruction of motorcycle forward speed

F. Filliger; Y. Stebler; J. Skaloud; K. Hug 

2013. ENC-GNSS, Vienna (Austria), 2013.

A Micro-Uav with the Capability of Direct Georeferencing

M. Rehak; R. Mabillard; J. Skaloud 

2013. UAV-g, Rostock, Germany, September 4-6, 2013. p. 317-323. DOI : 10.5194/isprsarchives-XL-1-W2-317-2013.

An algorithm for automatic inertial sensor calibration

S. Guerrier; R. Molinari; J. Skaloud; M-P. Victoria-Feser 

2013. ION GNSS+, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, September 16-20, 2013.

Morphology of pillow-hollow and quilted-cover bedforms in Lake Geneva, Switzerland

N. Le Dantec; Y. Akhtman; D. Constantin; U. Lemmin; D. A. Barry et al. 

2013. Marine and River Dune Dynamics – MARID IV, Bruges, Belgium, 15 – 16 April 2013. p. 159-166.



P. Molina; I. Colomina; T. Victoria; J. Skaloud; W. Kornus et al. 

2012. XXII Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, , Melbourne, Australia, August 25 – September 1, 2012. p. 441-446.

Collaborative Web-GIS platform for systematic exploration of Lake Geneva

Y. Akhtman; L. Martelletti; O. Grandjean; U. Lemmin 

2012. XXII Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Melbourne, Australia, August 25 – September 1, 2012. p. 1-6.

A Framework for Inertial Sensor Calibration Using Complex Stochastic Error Models

Y. Stebler; S. Guerrier; J. Skaloud; M-P. Victoria-Feser 

2012. ION/IEEE PLANS, Session A5, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA, April 2012. p. 849-861. DOI : 10.1109/PLANS.2012.6236827.


Integrity Aspects of Hybrid EGNOS-based Navigation on Support of Search And-Rescue Missions with UAVs

P. Molina; I. Colomina; T. Victoria; P. Freire; J. Bandeiras et al. 

2011. ION GNSS 2011, Portland, Oregon, USA, September 19-23, 2011. p. 8.

Improving Modeling of MEMS-IMUs Operating in GNSS-denied Conditions

Y. Stebler; S. Guerrier; J. Skaloud; M-P. Victoria-Feser 

2011. ION GNSS 2011, Portland, Oregon, USA, September 19-23, 2011. p. 10.

MAV-based real-time localisation of terrestrial targets with cm-level accuracy: Feasibility study

Y. Akhtman; A. Garg; J. Skaloud 

2011. UAV-g 2011 – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Geomatics, Zurich, Switzerland, September 14-16, 2011.


P. Molina; I. Colomina; T. Vitoria; P. Freire; J. Skaloud et al. 

2011. International Geomatic Week 2011, Barcelona, March 15-17, 2011.

The close-search project: uav-based search operations using thermal imaging and egnos-sol navigation

P. Molina; I. Colomina; T. Vitoria; P. Freire; J. Skaloud et al. 

2011. 4i4DM 2011 – GeoInformation For Disaster Management, Antalya, Spain, May 3-8, 2011.

A Split/Merge Approach for Landslide Monitoring via Terrestrial Laser Scanning

J. Wu; P-Y. Gilliéron; B. Merminod 

2011. 3rd International Conference of Earth Observation of Global Changes (EOGC), Munich, Germany, April 13-15, 2011.


Enhancement of e-learning in geomatics by the integration of dynamic mathematics’ tools

A. Deshogues; P-Y. Gilliéron 

2010. ISPRS Symposium Commission VI – Cross-Border Education for Global Geo-information, Enschede, NL, June 2-4, 2010.

An Integrated Methodology for Change Detection via Terrestrial Laserscanning: Case Study of the Landslide in Flamatt

J. Wu; P-Y. Gilliéron; B. Merminod 

2010. 8th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Fribourg, Switzerland, November 19-20, 2010.

A Split/Merge Approach for Change Detection via Terrestrial LIDAR

J. Wu; B. Merminod 

2010. Workshop on Remote Sensing Methods for Change Detection and Process Modeling, Cologne, Cologne, Germany, November 18-19, 2010.

Optimizing Computational Performance for Real-Time Mapping with Airborne Laser Scanning

J. Skaloud; P. Schär 


Enhancement of Geomatics Education by Using Internet Based Techniques

A. Deshogues; P-Y. Gilliéron; B. Merminod 

2010. FIG Congress 2010 Facing the Challenges – Building the Capacity, Sydney, Australia, April 11-16, 2010.


In-flight Accuracy Estimation for Airborne Lidar Data

P. Schaer; Y. Stebler 

2009. ION GNSS 2009, Savannah, GA, USA, September 22 – 25, 2009. p. 434-441.

Low-cost optical-based indoor tracking device for detection and mitigation of NLOS effects

F. Tappero 

2009. Eurosensors XXIII, Lausanne (Switzerland), September 6-9, 2009. p. 497-500. DOI : 10.1016/j.proche.2009.07.124.

Decimeter-Level Positioning Engine for an Indoor Ultra-Wideband / Laser Scanner Positioning System

F. Tappero; P. Schaer; B. Merminod 

2009. European Navigation Conference – Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ENC-GNSS), Napoli (Italy), May 3-6, 2009.

The use of wavelet transform for an automated initialization in GPS/MEMS-IMU integration

H. Fournier; J. Skaloud; A. Wägli 

2009. 13th IAIN World Congress, Stockholm (Sweden), October 27-30, 2009. p. 27-30.

Geomatics E-learning with Exomatic: Implementation and Assessment

A. Deshogues; P. Gilliéron 

2009. EDULEARN 09, Barcelona, July 6-8, 2009. p. 4794-4808.


Towards in-flight quality assessment of airborne laser scanning

P. Schaer; J. Skaloud; P. Tomé 

2008. XXI ISPRS Congress, Beijing (China), July 3-11, 2008.

Optimal Data Fusion for Pedestrian Navigation based on UWB and MEMS

V. Renaudin; B. Merminod; M. Kasser 

2008. PLANS 2008, Monterey, California (USA), May 5-8, 2008. DOI : 10.1109/PLANS.2008.4570054.

Improving pedestrian dynamics modelling using fuzzy logic

P. Tomé; F. Bonzon; B. Merminod; K. Aminian 

2008. PED2008 Conference in pedestrian navigation, Wuppertal (Germany), February 27-29, 2008. p. 503-508. DOI : 10.1007/978-3-642-04504-2_42.

Accurate Trajectory and Orientation of a Motorcycle derived from low-cost Satellite and Inertial Measurement Systems

A. Waegli; A. Schorderet; C. Prongué; J. Skaloud 

2008. 7th ISEA CONFERENCE 2008, Biarritz, June 2-6, 2008. p. 223-230. DOI : 10.1007/978-2-287-09411-8_27.

Redundant MEMS-IMU integrated with GPS for Performance Assessment in Sports

A. Waegli; S. Guerrier; J. Skaloud 

2008. IEEE/ION PLANS 2008, Monterey, California, May 5-8, 2008. p. 1260-1268. DOI : 10.1109/PLANS.2008.4570079.


Assessment of Timing and Performance based on Trajectories from low-cost GPS/INS Positioning

A. Waegli; F. Meyer; S. Ducret; J. Skaloud; R. Pesty 

2007. International Congress on Science and Skiing, St. Christoph, Austria, December 14-20 2007.

Inertial and RFID sensors for indoor navigation in case of emergency intervention

V. Renaudin; O. Yalak; P. Tomé; B. Merminod 

2007. TimeNav’07, Geneva, May 29 – June 1, 2007.

Accuracy Estimation for Laser Point Cloud Including Scanning Geometry

P. Schaer; J. Skaloud; S. Landtwing; K. Legat 

2007. 5th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology, Padova (Italy), May 29-31, 2007.

Towards Automated LiDAR Boresight Self-calibration

J. Skaloud; P. Schaer 

2007. 5th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology, Padova (Italy), May 29-31, 2007.

Assessment of GPS/MEMS-IMU Integration Performance in Ski Racing

A. Waegli; J. Skaloud 

2007. TimeNav’07, Geneva (Switzerland), May 29-June 1, 2007.

Assessment of the Integration Strategy between GPS and Body-Worn MEMS Sensors with Application to Sports

A. Waegli; J. Skaloud; P. Tomé; J-M. Bonnaz 

2007. ION-GNSS 2007, Fort Worth (Texas, USA), September 25-28, 2007.

Indoor location for safety application using wireless networks

F. Barceló-Arroyo; M. Ciurana; I. Watt; F. Evenou; L. De Nardis et al. 

2007. 1st ERCIM Workshop on Mobility, Coimbra,, Portugal, 21st May 2007.

SARHA – Development of a Sensor-Augmented GPS/EGNOS/Galileo Receiver for Urban and Indoor Environments

F. Weimann; P. Tomé; A. Waegli; K. Aichhorn; O. Yalak et al. 

2007. 7th Geomatic Week, Barcelona, Spain, 20-23 February 2007.


Système temps réel de lever précis de la géométrie des axes routiers

H. Gontran; P. Gilliéron; B. Merminod 

2006. LCPC – Journées scientifiques de l’ingénieur 2006, Marne-la-Vallée, December 5-6, 2006.

Sensor-Augmented EGNOS/Galileo Receiver for Handheld Applications in Urban and Indoor Environments – SARHA

F. Weimann; P. Tomé; E. Wasle; A. Waegli; O. Yalak et al. 

2006. 3rd ESA Workshop on Satellite Navigation User Equipment Technologies (NAVITEC 2006), Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 11-13 December 2006.

Map-matching for pedestrians via Bayesian inference


2006. ENC GNSS 2006, Manchester, UK, 7-10 May 2006.

Bayesian Inference for Autonomous Personal Localisation Indoors


2006. International Symposium of Transport Simulation 2006, EPFL, Lausanne, Suisse, 4th-6th September 2006.

Assessment of Topography E-Learning with Exomatic

P-Y. Gilliéron; H. Gontran; B. Merminod 

2006. XXII FIG Congress, Münich, 8 – 13 Ocotber 2006.

Advances in indoor Location

F. Barceló; F. Evennou; L. de Nardis; P. Tomé 

2006. LIAISON – ISHTAR Workshop, Athens, Greece, 28-29 September 2006.

Custom GPS-Correction Server for Real-Time Trajectography

H. Gontran 

2006. ION GNSS ´06, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, Sept. 26-29, 2006.

Real-time processing of GPS/INS data for on-the-fly quality control in airborne mobile mapping.

K. Legat; J. Skaloud; P. Schaer 

2006. European Navigation Congress, Manchester, 7-10 May. p. 14.

Requirements for an orientation and calibration standard for digital aerial cameras and related sensors

W. Kresse; J. Skaloud; L. Hinsken 

2006. Symposium of ISPRS Commission 1, Paris, July 3-6, 2006.

Open-source software-operated CMOS camera for real-time mapping

H. Gontran; J. Skaloud; N. Janvier 

2006. ISPRS Commission 1 Symposium, Paris, July 3-6, 2006.

Cartographie routière précise pour les systèmes d’assistance à la conduite

P-Y. Gilliéron; H. Gontran; B. Merminod 

2006. GIS-SIT, Zurich, February 14-16, 2006.


SARFOS – Search And Rescue Forward Operation Support System

B. Ott; K. Sauer; A. Waegli 

2005. ENC-GNSS 2005, Munich (Germany), July 19-22, 2005.

Der Alpenraum und seine Herausforderungen im Bereich Orientierung, Navigation und Informationsaustausch

K. Legat 

2005. AHORN, Innsbruck, November 24-25.

High Quality Road Mapping for In-Vehicle Navigation Safety

P-Y. Gilliéron; H. Gontran; J. Frank 

2005. GNSS 2005, Munich (Germany), July 19-22.

Exploring Bidirectional GPRS Capabilities in GNSS Positioning

H. Gontran; M. Lehmann; J. Skaloud 

2005. GNSS 2005, Munich (Germany), July 19-22.

Exomatic: gérer des exercices individualisés en grand auditoire

H. Gontran; H. Dupraz; P-Y. Gilliéron; B. Merminod 

2005. Assemblée Internationale de Pédagogie Universitaire (AIPU), Geneva, September 12-14.

Vision-Aided Inertial Navigation Using a Geomatics Approach

F. A. Bayoud 

2005. ION GNSS 2005, Long Beach (California), September 13-16.

Integrating Photogrammetry and Inertial Sensors for Robotics Navigation and Mapping

F. A. Bayoud; J. Skaloud; B. Merminod 

2005. Integrating Photogrammetry and Inertial Sensors for Robotics Navigation and Mapping, Vienna (Austria), October 3-5.

HELIMAP: Digital imagery/Lidar handheld airborne mapping system for natural hazard monitoring.

J. Vallet; J. Skaloud 

2005. 6th Geomatic Week Conference, Barcelona (Spain), February 8-11.

HELIMAP: Rapid Large Scale Mapping Using Handheld LiDAR/CCD/GPS/INS Sensors on Helicopters.

J. Skaloud; J. Vallet; K. Keller; G. Veyssière; O. Kölbl 

2005. ION GNSS 2005, Long Beach, California, September 12-13, 2005.

Precise Road Geometry for Integrated Transport Safety Systems

H. Gontran; P-Y. Gilliéron; J. Skaloud 

2005. STRC 05 5th Swiss Transport Research Conference, Monte Verità / Ascona, March 09-11, 2005.


Photogrammetry-derived Navigation Parameters for INS Kalman Filter Updates

F. A. Bayoud; J. Skaloud; B. Merminod 

2004. XXth ISPRS Congress, Istanbul (Turkey), July 14-23.