AVT  is an austrian surveying company located in Imst (A) that works in the field of official and technical surveying in alpine regions, environmental engineering, geoinformation, and airborne mapping (photogrammetry and LiDAR). AVT takes the role of industrial partner for the ongoing ALP-S project.

Helimap SA is an active partner within the development of the scan2map-system

Inser SA is a geoinformation company located in Lausanne that has 30 years of experience in the development of concept and software in transportation systems and management of spatial data. TOPO lab has excellent experience with INSER on different projects.

Swissphoto : With more than 130 employees in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and Poland, Swissphoto Group is one of the biggest surveying companies in Europe. Core-competence of Swissphoto – the Swiss Company of Swissphoto Group – are the fields of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), aviation services (charting, obstacle mapping), airborne mapping (photogrammetry and lately LiDAR) and surveying. Swissphoto takes the role of industrial partner for ongoing the CTI-Project i-Qual.

Terrapoint : With offices in Houston, Calgary, and Ottawa, Terrapoint is one of the premiere LIDAR providers in the world. The firm has provided LIDAR and other digital mapping services for clients in over 40 countries for more than 20 years. Terrapoint’s primary focus is to find solutions that fit client needs, and to continue to build on their reputation for meeting and exceeding client demands in the delivery of high quality, high value geospatial information.

TracEdge develops solutions for sport performance improvements and proposes a variety of services to professional sport players in speed disciplines (winter sports, motor sports, water sports and cycling). TracEdge is activally supporting the ongoing research on Performance Analysis in Sports by GPS at our laboratory.

Ubisense offers one of the first indoors Precise Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) based on UWB hardware. Founded by engineers from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge combined with a veteran team of entrepreneurs, Ubisense technology is being utilized in logistics, manufacturing, military, healthcare, entertainment and hazardous environments in Europe, North America and Asia.

VNR is small but highly dynamic electronic company residing on the border of Lac Leman that applies the state-of-the-art hardware and software techniques to innovative products. TOPO lab has long and excellent experience with VNR on different projects.