Radar hydrometeorology in the Alps

Field campaign in Davos

Measuring precipitation in mountainous regions is difficult because of the harsh conditions (wind, temperature, site effects). Polarimetric radar systems have the potential to provide more accurate identification of falling hydrometeors as well as more reliable precipitation estimates. Nevertheless, there are still open questions concerning the X-band polarimetry, in particular in a mountainous context (snowfall, mixed precipitation, strong variability).

LTE mobile X-band polarimetric radar systemhas been used to investigate the hydrometeorology of alpine regions. The main objectives focus on the development of adequate methods for hydrometeor identification, on snowfall retrieval and on the quantification of the variability of mountainous precipitation at small space and time scales. A first field campaign in Davos, CH, was conducted between the summer 2009 and the summer 2011.


Real-time radar data in Davos (not active anymore)

Gallery of pictures about radar installation

Gallery of pictures about the installation of a 2D video disdrometer in Davos

LTE people involved: M. Schneebeli, D. Scipion, J. Grazioli and S. Jolivet.