Field campaign

The International Collaborative Experiments for Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic winter games (ICE-POP2018) is an international measurement campaign organized by the Korean Meteorological Administration and supported by WMO aiming to collect an unprecedented data sets about winter clouds and precipitation for weather forecasting during the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang in February-March 2018.

LTE is contributing by deploying a cloud profiler, a scanning precipitation radar, a snowflake imager and a video-disdrometer.

X-band precipitation radar

The precipitation X-band radar is installed on the top of a building at the Gangneung Wonju National University.

Examples of RHIs measured on 28 February 2018:

Please note that these are non-corrected raw data!!!

W-band cloud profiler

The 94 GHz cloud profiler is installed at the Mayhill Supersite.


A MASC (belonging to MeteoSwiss) was intially deployed at the BK site, together with our 2DVD, but has been moved to the Mayhill site (close to WProf). Unfortunately, the internet connexion at the site does not allow the transfer of MASC data, so we cannot produce the real-time quicklooks.