Field campaigns

LTE’s precipitation instruments

LTE is involved in many field campaigns related to precipitation with some or all of the different instruments listed hereafter:

1. Precipitation radar (MXPol)

LTE manage a scanning X-band Doppler dual-polarization radar (built by ProSensing) named MXPol.

2. Cloud radar (WProf)

LTE recently (2016) acquired a FMCW W-band Doppler profiling radar (built by RPG) named WProf.

3. Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera (MASC)

MASC (developed by T. Garrett at U. Utah) is a snowflake imager, taking triplets of high-resolution (~35 microns) photographs of falling ice crystals and snowflakes.

4. 2-dimensional video-disdrometer (2DVD)

The 2DVD is developed by Joanneum Research and consists of two high speed line camera from which pictures falling hydrometeors shape can be reconstructed and fall speed accurately measured.

5. Network of disdrometers

LTE manages 20 optical disdrometers Parsivel (1st Generation) from OTT, that can be deployed in a network of autonomous disdrometric stations.

6. Lidar

In collaboreation with C. Genthon from LGGE (Grenoble, France), LTE built a depolarization lidar system robust and easy to transport for atmospheric studies in Antarctica.

On-going field campaigns


Past field campaigns