LBNI Funding Sources

We have received funding from the European Research Council for the project called: NaMic – Nanowire Atomic Force Microscopy for Real Time Imaging of Nanoscale Biological Processes (2012-2017) (#307338) and for the project called: InCell – High speed AFM imaging of molecular processes inside living cells (2018-2023) (#773091)

We have received funding from the European Commission – FP7: Eurostar for the project called: Triple-S: Combined Scanning Electron-, Scanning Ion- and High-Speed Scanning Atomic Force Microscope (2014-2016)




We have received funding from CCMX Competence Centre for Materials Science and Technolog for the project called: Large Area Growth of 2D Materials for device integration “Materials Challenge” (2016-2021)




We have received funding from CTI – Commission for Technology and Innovation for the project: AFM based fast Scanning Ion Conductance imaging of biological samples (2016-2019)




We have received funding from FNS – Fonds National Suisse for the project: Measuring the interaction of antimicrobial peptides with bacterial cell surfaces in real time (2010-2013) (#205321_134786) and for the project: Large-scale microfluidic cell trapping for high-throughput microbial nanocharacterization (2013-2016) (#205320_152675) and for the project: Video-Rate Nanomechanical Properties Mapping using Atomic Force Microscopy (2019-2022) (#200021_182562)