Camera Calibration using BazAR

BazAR provides an easy camera calibration solution. You only need one or more cameras and a textured planar surface.

To run this software, download BazAR and run the sample called samples/multicam/multigl.

Step 1: Model Acquisition

Present your surface to the camera, press space, drag the green frame to select the model in the image.

Step 2: Data Gathering for Geometric Calibration

Wave the calibration pattern inside the viewing volume. The green dots show successfully detected feature points.

Step 3: Geometric Calibration computation

The system automatically calibrates the camera(s). The histogram shows reprojection error, in pixel. The black part shows the 1 pixel limit. This step is fully automatic.

Step 4: Photometric Calibration

After geometric calibration is done, 3D augmentation is possible. However, no light map is ready to give the augmented object a better look. During augmentation, the system collects light clues. When enough data is available, it computes the irradiance map.

Step 5: Augmentation

Everything is now ready to play with a nicely reshaded teapot. The irradiance map is shown on the upper right corner of the image.