Multi-View Car Dataset

The dataset on this page contains 20 sequences of cars as they rotate by 360 degrees. There is one image approximately every 3-4 degrees. Using the time of capture information from the photos, it is possible to calculate the approximate rotation angle of the car.

The photos have been captured using a Nikon D70 camera on a tripod at the Geneva International Motor Show ’08. The lens used is Nikkor 12-24mm DX f/4. The focal length was kept constant during a single sequence (showing a single car) but varies from sequence to sequence. The focus was set to manual, approx. at the hyperfocal distance.

All videos and images available from this page are copyrighted by CVLab – EPFL. You are free to use them for research purposes. If you use them to publish results, please cite the reference below.


The thumbnails below show a set of frames from a sample sequence.

 The preview video shows all the sequences from the dataset.

[Preview Video (19 MB)]


EPFL GIMS08 Dataset (175 MB)
Contents and Explanations


The dataset on this page has been used for our multiview object pose estimation algorithm described in the following paper:

Pose Estimation for Category Specific Multiview Object Localization

M. Özuysal; V. Lepetit; P. Fua 

2009. Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Miami, 2009. p. 778-785. DOI : 10.1109/CVPR.2009.5206633.