Putting Eyes in the Sky with Robust Drone Vision

This semester project is part of a larger project to build the next generation vision for UAVs, enabling computer vision solutions on drones.

For B.Sc. students: your project’s contribution is data centric, between data acquisition using our UAV setup, processing, and analysis. By the end of the semester, your learning outcomes would be acquaintance with drone data acquisition and (image) information extraction, data organization and analysis. 

For M.Sc. students: your project can be (1) similar to the B.Sc. project with more advanced data science work, OR (2) machine learning based, more particularly in computer vision. In the first case, you add to your​ learning outcomes experience in computational imaging, and in the second case experience in state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning methods.

Publications can be expected for some of the projects depending on your outcomes, even for the B.Sc. students. In such a case we would help you through the entire process.

For further details, please email the supervisors because we cannot make more information public for the moment. 


B.Sc. or M.Sc. adjustable, multiple openings

Type of Work (e.g., theory, programming)

Variable, from 80/20% on development/research to 20/80%, depending on the project and on the seniority of the student (B.Sc./M.Sc.).


We will guide you in regular meetings to learn as you progress. However, one essential aspect is thoroughness. For B.Sc. some experience with data processing and working on Linux terminals would be useful. For M.Sc. (project 1) image processing experience, and (project 2) computer vision experience would be helpful.


Baran – IVRL PhD ([email protected])
Vidit – CVLab PhD ([email protected])
Majed – IVRL Postdoc ([email protected])