Interdisciplinary projects – IC students

Get involved in an industry like project and gain valuable experience for your future career


Interdisciplinary projects

You are an IC student in bachelor or master? Get involved in a multidisciplinary project with students from other faculties.

In previous projects, IC students have developped, for example, the embedded electronics of the EPFLoop pod (SpaceX hyperloop pod competition) or the control system of the GrowbutHub automated agriculture system (part of IGLUNA).

These projects will give you a practical experience similar to what you might encounter in bigger professionnal projects after your study here at EPFL.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to explore potential solutions to relevant societal challenges including (non exhaustif) :

  • Sustainable food production systems.
  • New technologies impacting the health domain.
  • Sustainable transportation systems.

For more information on the different interdisciplinary projects proposed, please visit the following website:

If a particular project is raising interest in you, here are the steps you need to follow to get on board:

  1. Contact the person indicated on the web page of the specific project.
  2. Exchange with the project leaders on the different subjects available for you and on the procedure to follow in order to find a professor.
  3. Run your project supervised by an IC professor, or a professor from another section. The project can in these conditions count as a semestre project in your master or as a bachelor project.

If you have more specific questions, please contact the interdisciplinary project coordinator Julien Delisle